Who is

Hanalei Swan?

My name is Hanalei, I’m 10 years old and I live in Bali,
Indonesia although I am not Indonesian.

I was one years old when started traveling, I left the USA
to travel abroad with my parents, they wanted me to
learn from real life, not from a text book.

In that time we have visited and lived in 6 continents
and over 36+ countries. Most people think I have
grown up different than other kids my age but I think
it’s pretty normal. I’ve Attended schools in countries like
Brazil, Panama, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia. I’ve have had
the opportunity to see some incredible places and meet
amazing people.

I’ve made friends from all around the world. Every
day is new adventure, with new friends, new sights
and new lessons. Being an only child I had a lot of
time to think, draw and sketch the beautiful sites I
would visit.

I want to change the world. I like to encourage
people to feel confident, to feel happy, healthy and
beautiful. Because a lot of people deal with fear in
their life. And unfortunately there’s no quick way to
go through it. But for me…

A beautiful dress can make anyone feel… powerful.








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Social Responsibility • Life-Consious Materials • Earth-Conscious Materials • Giving Back

About HS Styles

HS Designs is a socially conscious fashion brand that supports education for young entrepreneurs. Every 8 items sold, we will donate $152 to supply 5 children with lifesaving necessities like food, water & school uniforms through the Unstoppable Foundation.

57 million children around the world are not attending primary school, 43% of those children live in Africa. The vast majority of the children, women, and men in Africa are living in absolute poverty with no hope of uplifting themselves, or their communities out of poverty, without our support.

Together we can TRANSFORM that outcome, and give an entire community the resources they need

HS Boots

Each boot is named after a rescue animal in bali. For every boot sold we will donate to the BAWA foundation for animal rescue and protection. Our products are also earth & life friendly, pineapple leather will be our vegan, life conscious alternative to leather.



Hanalei is an international speaker. She shares a powerful message of following your passions and inspires kids and adults to not wait to do what you love but to do it now. her soft sense of confidence is inspiring and motivating for the most savvy entrepreneur. She will make you second guess your goals and inspire the audience to take action On their dreams.

“Hanalei’s Philanthropic heart and entrepreneur drive will make you question you are listening to a 10 year old”

Unstoppable Kids

Kids should be asked
“What do you want to be NOW”
– Hanalei Swan

Unstoppable Kids

Most kids are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was asked What do I want to be now?” My mission is to inspire kids & adults to go after their passions, and not wait until they get older.

The Unstoppable Kids book was illustrated and written by Hanalei and her Mom, to give parents the tools needed to teach their children to become UNSTOPPABLE. To help kids embrace the true creativity they are all born with.

It’s about preparing future generations to live the life they were born to live, to explore not within the boundaries of what society dictates, but outside the boundaries of their imagination, to improve life as we know it on our planet and add massive value back to the world. The UK program is a virtual hangout for kids teaching kids.

We have Masterclasses, and an app for the kids to stay connected and to grow

– Hanalei Swan

Travelling Art


Travelling Art

Hanalei is an artist and started sketching when she was 3, her passion to teach has led her to create her own masterclass where she helps unstoppable kids find their passion through art.

She illustrated the UK book and is the head designer for Happiness Co. Kids
clothing line.

• Follow Your Passion •

• What Travel Can Do To A Child •

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